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A Dangerously Radical Christmas

In Flanders Fields…

Another year, another election

Seeking the Wild Goose

Privacy and Duty

A Rough Week for Security

Sound and Fury, Signifying Not as Much as it Could

Cut Me Some Slack

Global Civics

Constructing Gender

The Worst Form of Government

A Letter in the Mail


Refusing to Talk

Conversations Require Listening

Selling, Competing, or Serving?

Following the Debate on Twitter

Provincial Elections in the Age of Social Media

Bleeding Heartbeats

Autism and God

Sevastopol is Russia’s Faslane

Cycling is Back

Changing the World Through Stories

New Year, New Resolutions

What’s in my files? Heads, tails, cats and more.

apt-get: Making your ubuntu machine more better

‘top’ and friends – what’s going on on my system?

What are my servers doing? ping, mtr and nmap

The Navy Yard

Achieving the Impossible

Wasaga Beach Olympic Triathlon – Race Report

Reaching Goals

Four Killer Postgres Extensions

Maximum Performance

Different Stories

Social Business

Intentional Nutrition

New site design

Running Wisdom from Georges St. Pierre

Awards for Excellence (or maybe not)

Liberal and Conservative should be renamed…

It’s easy…

Man of Steel

Nexus 7

Secret secrets

Aspie and Tippy

“The Lord has redeemed all of us, even the atheists”

The Adventures of Rational Dialog Man…

Courts Martial for Christians?

Anna Karenina


Representing citizens, or representing party whips?

An Unfortunate Poem

Rich or poor, observant or negligent, first or last, rejoice today!

Living next to a killer

Chrissie Wellington, Pencil and Paper

Church 35 – Barrie Kingdom Hall

Visualizing Votes

My faith in democracy is being challenged

Desmond Tutu – Pencil and Paper

Salomon Advanced Skin S-Lab 5 Set

The Clergy and the Laity

139 Pages

Hemorrhaging Faith

How to win Paris – Ancaster

Online Development Tools

Towards a True Kinship of Faiths

A Running Race Like No Other

Swords Into Ploughshares

A Long Line of Criminals

timey – Renaissance Now

Wibbly Wobbly Timey-Wimey Stuff

Batman – Gimp Paint Studio

batman – Renaissance Now

My First Novel is Ready!

Sam Hammond wants teachers to break the law

Controlling the flow of information – a guide for corrupt politicians

Reconciliation in Palestine

Character Traits and Labour Disputes

Winter Road Trip


Economics in One Lesson

The Circular Economy

Pathological consumption has become so normalised that we scarcely notice it.


Around the Web

Defining your Central Conflict

Ontario Teacher’s Strike

Future Economics

The Expulsion of the Money Changers

Church Crawl – Special Edition

First Experiment with Gimp Paint Studio

Gimp Paint Studio

Lots of Intriguinging Scheme Parentheses.

The Unpleasant Story of Samson.

Barrie Cardboard Challenge

Urban Gardening

Public Speaking

Paul Godfrey Doesn’t Understand Markets

The ‘Busy’ Trap


Prisoners and the right to vote

Learning a lesson from my Huaraches

Ridiculously Easy Javascript Experimentation

Breath Deep

Church 34 – Mapleview Community Church

Church 33 – Barrie Victory Centre

Barrie Half Marathon

Church 32 – The Church at My Place

Economy, Ecology and Ecumenism

Corporations are People

Church 31 – St. Andrew’s Presbyterian

Efficient Team Building – How Not to Do It.

Interval Training

Church 30 – First Baptist Church

I am an Ultrarunner.

Church 29 – Heritage Baptist Church

Caballo Blanco’s Final Run

Church 27 – St. George’s

Church 28 – St. Paul’s

Peak Intel

Church 26 – Emmanuel Baptist Church


Church 25 – Calvary Community Church

Church 24 – Bethel Community Church

And God said “Are the Steaks Ready Yet?”

Church 23 – Collier St. United

Francis Bacon


Industrial Processes: Cars, Coffee and Conscripts.

Church 22 – St. Margaret’s Anglican


Church 21 – First Christian Reformed

Church 20 – St. John Vianney

Church 19 – ‘M’

Church 18 – St. Mary’s Catholic Church

Church 17 – Essa Road Presbyterian Church

Who are the Peacemakers?

What Would a Kingdomology Look Like?

The Family of God

Why Bother with Reconciliation?

Church 16 – House Church

Church 15 – Salvation Army

Santa Shuffle Race Report

Profiles of Hope – Chrissie Wellington

Church 14 – Barrie Gospel Hall

Profiles of Hope – Sebastian Castellio

General Assemblies – A Lesson in Patience

Profiles of Hope – Rupert Ross

Profiles of Hope – Brother Roger of Taize

Church 13 – Northside Bible Chapel


Where are the Anabaptists Hiding?

Church 12 – Hi-Way Pentecostal Church

Church 11 – Connexus Community Church

Connexus Redux

Church 10 – Celebration Church Barrie

Problems of Abundance

Church 9 – Trinity Anglican Church

The Prisoner’s False Dilemma

What is the Mission of the Church?

Church 8 – Barrie Covenant Christian Reformed

Church 7 – Barrie Free Methodist

Division or Diversification?

Looking for a Role Model?

Church 6 – Barrie Free Presbyterian

Church 4 – Holy Spirit Parish

Church 5 – Big Church

Question 4 – Is it the Purpose of Justice to Redress Past Wrongs?

Church 3 – Loving Saviour Lutheran Church

Running Tempo

Sixty Thousand Steps

Wither Bitcoin?

Church 2 – Painswick United

Question 3 – What is Meant by ‘Job Creation’

Church 1 – Redwood Park

Seventy Three Churches and Counting

Question 2 – What is Acceptable Use of Political Violence?

Learning to Ask Questions

Question 1 – is GDP a good measure of a country’s health?

Mine Over Matter

Marathon Pains


People not Parties

Colin Wilson – On the Ball

Politics: Monologue or Dialogue?

Day 5 – NDP Under Construction

Federal Election Day 4

Federal Election Day 3

Federal Election Day 2

Machines for Working In.

Canada’s HR Department