Day 5 – NDP Under Construction

So, the lawn signs are coming out.  I went for a bike ride round town today and saw quite a few Patrick Brown signs, and a few NDP ones. So, at least some people are working on this campaign.

Unfortunately, the NDP signs include a link to this site,, which is currently ‘under construction’.

As I’ve mentioned before, I consider  competence and integrity to be the most important values in politics.  While it can be hard to judge the integrity of candidates during a campaign, unless they make it easy for you by making clearly untrue statements, the typical election campaign does provide a good opportunity to observe the competence of a political team.

If my company was launching a major new product, and knew that it had a six week window in which to grab market share, but the website for the product was still ‘under construction’ four days after the product launch, then heads would be rolling.  In general, people aren’t that interested in politics for much of the time, but the time during a campaign is a golden opportunity to broadcast your party’s message, to present your candidates, and to stimulate the conversation.  Currently the NDP in Barrie is failing to do so.  I’m disappointed.