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My First Novel is Ready!

Here it finally is!  The Long Run is now available at Lulu.comproduct_thumbnail.

Jamie Simons has achieved his life-long goal of wearing the Yellow Jersey. But he has come to realize that the glamourous world of professional cycling has a seedy underbelly. When forced to choose between the truth and winning, Jamie’s choice leaves him spiraling downhill fast. In his exciting debut novel, Trevor Morgan brings us a story of competition, conflict, transformation and hope, in a book that takes a behind-the-scenes look at the world of Endurance Sport.

So yeah, if you’re wondering what happens when an up-and-coming professional cyclists encounters the reality of team politics, intrigue and doping, go buy this book!

Sam Hammond wants teachers to break the law

On Wednesday I received a letter from the school board informing me that our local elementary school would be closed due to ‘a day of political protest.’  (The Elementary Teacher’s Federation of Ontario clearly decided not to call it a ‘strike’, because they know they are no longer in a legal strike position.)  Yesterday, I received a phone call reiterating that the school would be closed. Continue reading

Controlling the flow of information – a guide for corrupt politicians

A critical element of a functional democracy is an informed electorate.  It is one of the most important checks against rampant corruption and abuse.  Intelligent, well informed voters can ensure that checks and balances are put on government actions, and that the profits that arise from the sale of the country’s resources are spent on improving the lives of citizens. Continue reading

Winter Road Trip

We drove to Colorado for Christmas.  I’ve never driven across the Midwest before – it was awe-inspiring for this Englishman to see just how BIG this continent is!

Character Traits and Labour Disputes

One thing I have hugely appreciated about having children in the Ontario public school system is their commitment to character education.  Integrity, respect, cooperation and responsibility are not merely buzzwords but are taught, modelled and reinforced at every opportunity.  Which causes me to run into difficulty when trying to explain the current labour dispute to my children.

Continue reading